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Cedar Reforestation

  • Cedar Reforestation

Byblos Bank is determined to protect nature on several fronts, including our actions to ensure Lebanon is always known as the “Land of the Cedars”. There is a real long-term crisis that could mean the end of the iconic cedar tree if nothing is done. In response, over the years we have led, funded, and participated in numerous endeavors to protect Lebanon’s cedar forests. This includes taking part in ambitious reforestation programs and efforts to raise awareness. 


Byblos Bank/Shouf Reserve Bio-corridor Initiative

The Byblos Bank/Shouf Reserve Bio-corridor Initiative, in partnership with the Shouf Biosphere Reserve (home to Lebanon’s largest remaining natural cedar forest) and the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (funded by the US Agency for International Development), is a budding step to preserve our nation’s forests.

In its first initial phase 2013-2017 phase, the Bio-corridor was created by extensive planting that resulted in some 18,000 trees’ forming a direct link between the cedar forests of Barouk and Masser el Shouf and the oak forests above Ammik. The initiative has transformed about 37 hectares with sparse vegetation into a land of lush potential, reducing habitat fragmentation, increasing genetic diversity, and sowing the seeds for many fertile benefits. 

In 2018, Byblos Bank renewed its commitment and will be planting about 22,000 new trees in the Bio-corridor by 2020 in order to increase both its space and its impact. Many parallel activities are planned to ensure the corridor’s sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of reforestation.


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