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Byblos Bank

Capital Markets


Fixed Income

Steady returns for investors


Within the world of Capital Markets, bonds are a relatively safe way to improve your finances. Byblos Bank’s Fixed Income Team helps you make informed choices according to your risk profile. 

We provide access to the following fixed-income instruments:

  • Lebanese Eurobonds and Domestic Bonds
  • US Treasuries and Agency Bonds
  • Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
  • High Yield Corporate Bonds
  • Banking and Financial Services Bonds
  • Eurobonds, Emerging Market Debt (MENA, LATAM, BRICs, etc.)
  • Subordinated Debt (Bank Capital)
  • Perpetual/Preferred Shares  
  • Floating Rate Notes
  • Sukuks
  • New Issues (both Government and Corporate)
  • Conventional Structured Products
  • Tailored Structured Products

To help you make the most informed investment choices, Byblos Bank also makes available the latest analysts’ reports and credit research for major countries and companies .



Annual custody charges: 0.07% of the nominal amount (minimum USD 50)


Contact Information

Byblos Bank Fixed Income Team
Tel: +961 1 335 240/6/9
Fax: +961 1 209 252
Email: fixedincome<at>