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Fixed Income

Steady returns for investors


Within the world of Capital Markets, bonds are a relatively safe way to improve your finances. Byblos Bank’s Fixed Income Team helps you make informed choices according to your risk profile. 

We provide access to the following fixed-income instruments:

  • Lebanese Eurobonds and Domestic Bonds
  • Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
  • High Yield Corporate Bonds
  • Banking and Financial Services Bonds
  • Eurobonds, Emerging Market Debt (MENA, LATAM, BRICs, etc.)
  • Subordinated Debt (Bank Capital)
  • Perpetual/Preferred Shares  
  • Floating Rate Notes
  • Sukuks
  • New Issues (both Government and Corporate)



  • 0.7 per mille per annum on the total portfolio value, Minimum of USD 50.
  • Charged twice a year, Minimum of USD 25.


1. The present list is effective as of 02 August 2023.
2. The fees and commissions above are applicable to the products and services of Byblos Bank S.A.L.
3. Any charge not mentioned above will be made available upon the request of the customer.
4. The list is not exhaustive; other charges such as foreign and local taxes, fiscal stamps, postage, correspondent bank commissions, share transfer fees and physical share certificate withdrawal fees are not included.
5. All applicable fees and commissions are payable in only Fresh USD funds if securities are held with a foreign custodian (s)/depository (ies). As for securities held with Midclear, the fees are payable in 50% Fresh USD funds and 50% local USD funds. In case the account incurs a charge with a different currency (other than LBP), the amount will be converted to Fresh USD based on the actual exchange rate and deducted from the account.
6. All banking services included in this list are subject to the terms and conditions of the general and special agreements signed between the customer and Byblos Bank S.A.L.
7. The Bank reserves the right to update or modify this list at its sole discretion. The updated or modified version will be made available at all branches of the Bank, published on its website (, and provided to the customer upon his request.
8. The absence of any objection from the customer’s part on the latest version of the present list within a period of 15 (fifteen) days after the end of the month during which the amendment was published on the Bank’s website, shall be deemed to constitute our total agreement to this version without the need for any further notification.



Contact Information

Byblos Bank Fixed Income Team
Tel: +961 1 335 240/6/9
Fax: +961 1 209 252
Email: fixedincome<at>