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Project Finance and Syndication

  • Project Finance and Syndication

Tailored financing for projects of every size and shape

Regardless of your sector, the nature of your project, or its size, making it a success requires the right support. Byblos Bank’s highly qualified teams assist you throughout your project’s life cycle, offering first-rate advisory and financial services that help make your venture a successful one.

Credit facilities:

  • Syndicated loans
  • Working capital facilities
  • Medium- and long-term loans


  • The project being financed and the product being produced should have a sustainable competitive advantage 
  • The management team should be professional and highly dedicated, with a successful track record and significant experience in the relevant line(s) of business 
  • Project sponsors are expected to demonstrate strong commitment by taking a sizeable equity stake 
  • Your business strategy should be sound and focused, with a detailed feasibility study prepared by an international management consulting firm. Moreover, both the project and the industry in which it will operate should have clear potential and well-defined prospects 
  • The Bank reserves the right to request appropriate guarantees as and when necessary