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Byblos Bank

Capital Markets



Up-to-date information, prompt action


Making the most of the potential of equities can be challenging. Byblos Bank’s Equities Team empowers your decision-making with their know-how, insight, and access to both Bloomberg and Reuters platforms. We also provide all the professional assistance you need to execute market orders, receive regular updates on macroeconomic and corporate news, and follow up on analysts’ recommendations, price updates, technical analyses, and corporate actions.

We provide access to the following markets:

  • Lebanese Equities
    (Beirut Stock Exchange and Over-the-Counter Shares)
  • US Equities
    (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc.)
  • European Equities
    (DAX, CAC40, FTSE, etc.)
  • Canadian Equities 
  • Gulf Cooperation Council and other Middle Eastern Countries
  • US and European Options
    (Long and Short)
  • Exchange Traded Funds

To help keep track of your positions from wherever you happen to be, you also have the option of receiving trade confirmations via SMS to your mobile phone.


Transparent commissions:

Local Equities
  • Up to 0.40% on all Lebanese shares (Listed, Unlisted and Global Depository Receipt “GDR”)
  • Minimum of USD 10.00


US Equities

  • Up to 10 cents/share if stock price > USD 10.00
  • Up to 0.60% if stock price < USD 10.00
  • Minimum Commission USD 60.00


European Equities

  • Up to 0.50% on all Shares
  • Minimum Commission EUR 50 or GBP 50


Other International Markets

Canadian, Australian
  • Up to 0.60%
  • Minimum CAD 60 or AUD 60
GCC Countries
  • 1% Minimum Commission AED 150 or equivalent



  • US: up to USD 5/contract with a minimum of USD 60.00
  • EU: up to EUR 5/contract with a minimum of EUR 50



  • Spread up to 0.50%



  • Up to 1.00% with a minimum of USD 100



  • Up to 0.07% of the total portfolio value
  • Minimum of USD 50 paid semi-annually


Contact Information

Byblos Bank Equities Team 
Tel: +961 1 335 240/6/9 
Fax: +961 1 209 252
Email: equities<at>byblosbank.com.lb