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FX & Precious Metals

New frontiers for your portfolio


The Corporate Desk Team at Byblos Bank provides dedicated service and full market coverage at competitive pricing. If you’re considering ways to diversify your USD holdings or looking to hedge import/export operational risk, count on Byblos Bank for professional service and reliable support.

We provide access to currencies, commodities, and hedging tools:

  • Most Major Currencies
  • Major Metals (Gold, Silver)
  • Plain Spot Deals
  • Forward Deals 
  • Spot Speculation 
  • Options on Currencies and Commodities 
  • Dual Currency Deposits 
  • Oil Hedging


To help keep track of your positions from wherever you happen to be, you also have the option of receiving trade confirmations via SMS to your mobile phone.


Contact Information

Byblos Bank Corporate Desk Team
Tel: +961 1 217 588/89/90 
Fax: +961 1 209 252
Email: corporatedesk<at>byblosbank.com.lb

All the above transactions and features apply exclusively to dealings that involve new cash deposits made in USD