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  • Contracting and Real Estate

Rise to new heights

Byblos Bank’s specially built products and teams of Relationship Managers specialized in engineering bring game-changing support and solutions to the contracting and real estate sectors. Get expert advice on market conditions, development regulations, and other pertinent issues that matter to you.

Credit facilities available:

  • Bid bonds 
  • Performance bonds 
  • Advanced payment bonds 
  • Retention bonds
  • Progress payment financing facilities
  • Mobilization and equipment loans 
  • Possibility of housing loans and/or other retail products related to real estate financing


  • Lebanese entrepreneurs and contractors operating locally or abroad, whether general contracting or specialized; international firms involved in the national construction effort (directly or through local joint ventures); real estate promoters and developers; architecture and engineering firms
  • You should have a successful track record of executing similar projects (particularly in Lebanon), dedicated and experienced management and engineering teams, and a sound financial situation 
  • The Bank reserves the right to request appropriate guarantees as and when necessary