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Byblos Bank’s belief in Lebanon and its people is both boundless and unshakeable, but we are just as sure that neither individuals nor businesses can reach their potential in a gloomy and negative atmosphere. It is not enough, however, to be merely aware of such impediments, so the Bank actively works to reduce them with several initiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of negativity for the benefit of everyone, notably those who are still trying to make a difference despite significant challenges. It also supports civil society activities throughout the country with the goal of improving the wellbeing of all Lebanese. 


“Reghem kil Chi” (Despite it All)

“Reghem Kel Chi” is a daily segment that has been airing since September 2015 at the start of the main evening newscast on MTV, one of the top local TV channels, with reruns during the subsequent morning and afternoon news bulletins. It showcases notable Lebanese achievements in everything from art, education, and community development to economy, finance, and entrepreneurship. 

Each episode celebrates the resilience of the Lebanese, their ability to stay hopeful and positive despite any and all setbacks, and their habit of viewing social and economic challenges as nothing more than opportunities to prove the value of creativity and resourcefulness on the path to success. 

With “Reghem Kel Chi”, Byblos Bank tells the stories that make Lebanon what it is, inspiring others to make it what it should be.

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“Min 3inna” (From Our Regions) 

Between September 2018 and June 2019, Byblos Bank launched a new program on another leading TV station, Al Jadeed. As its title implies, the program focused on small projects carried out in less high-profile regions of Lebanon to make life better for local stakeholders. Such initiatives do not usually make it to prime-time news, so shedding light on them and the people and organizations behind them provided much-needed visibility, helping these actors to not only continue what they are doing, but also inspire others.


Jbeil Christmas Tree

From 2014 to 2017, Byblos Bank supported the erection of a signature Christmas Tree in Jbeil, site of the ancient town of Byblos, reaffirming our continuing belief in Lebanon and punctuating our long history of supporting local development in the city, including grants worth around USD 3 million that have enabled a thorough renovation of facades in the city’s traditional souks. These and other forms of support have contributed to an economic revival in Jbeil, generating new jobs and business opportunities that have empowered more members of the population to remain on the land of their forebears.

Carried out entirely by individuals from the local community, the reputation of this project has spread far and wide: Jbeil’s tree has made global top ten lists for three years in a row, earning mention in such prominent outlets as The Guardian, Le Figaro, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Partnering with Local Communities

At Byblos Bank, we’ve been building a record for sponsorship and other forms of community involvement for as long as we’ve been in business. We continue to look out for the Lebanese citizen and his or her surroundings by lending a hand in variety of ways, including participation in fundraising events that help non-governmental organizations carry out vital functions in the communities they serve. We also take part in local events and projects that help revive different regions and create opportunities for growth and development.