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Byblos Bank

Major Programs



  • Heritage

Given that Byblos Bank is named after what many regard as the oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth, it comes as no surprise that we want to celebrate Lebanon’s ancient cultural roots. After all, Lebanon is more than “just” a country with multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Anjar, Baalbeck, Byblos, Qadisha Valley, and Tyre); it’s also a rich mix of cultures, histories, beliefs, and ideas. 

Byblos Bank’s Heritage Program aims to protect, renovate, and showcase Lebanon’s unique surviving historical monuments as a tribute to their importance and a way of highlighting how the past links to our present and future. The program mainly supports initiatives that also carry tangible benefits like sustainable development, job creation, and opportunities for local residents. 


Batroun Souks Renovation

Launched in 2018, this USD 2.2 million project consists of renovating the façades of Batroun’s historical main street, giving new life to the area and its ancient souks. The project also aims to increase local and regional tourist footfalls, thereby enhancing the local economic cycle and encouraging more residents to stay on their land.


Please click here to see how the souks will become and a video covering the launch event.


Jbeil Souks Renovation

Experience the past in the present! This flagship project of Byblos Bank’s Heritage Program helped the ancient city of Byblos to regain its former glory by reviving its famous souks, boosting tourism, and improving residents’ quality of life. Overall, we provided some USD 3 million in grants to the Jbeil Municipality so it could complete Phases I and II of an extensive renovation. 


Please click here to explore the Souks in Jbeil and see the difference the renovation has made.