Suspicious Communications And Transactions

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Cybercrime Prevention


Suspicious Communications And Transactions

Call Customer Service on +961 1 205050 or send an email to customerservice<at> to report:

  • If your debit or credit card is lost or stolen, we will cancel it and immediately issue a replacement.
  • If your checkbook is lost or stolen, try to remember the name of the person or business that it was written out to.
  • If you suspect that a transaction is fraudulent, see charges you don’t recognize or have inadvertently passed your account details to a third party, call immediately.
  • If you have any doubt regarding an email. Under no circumstances should you reply to messages that mimic Byblos Bank and/or its staff and you should never click on links within them. Click here to learn more about identifying whether communications from Byblos Bank might be fraudulent.
  • If you receive a text message that looks suspicious, take a screenshot and note down the number of the sender. Never respond to such messages and make sure to delete them.
  • If you receive a suspicious phone call, contact us immediately. If a call from Byblos Bank is automated and and/or asks you to confirm your account details, treat it as suspicious and report it to the Bank. Byblos Bank will never contact you for your bank details or credit card numbers.