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Cybercrime Prevention


Computer And Smartphone Banking Protection


It’s in our interests, as well as yours, to ensure that your Internet and Mobile Banking are as secure as possible. Byblos Bank operates an activated real-time protection system for online and mobile banking that detects any suspicious activity. If suspicious activity is taking place, the application session will be immediately stopped and the application itself will be blocked. 

If whilst banking online you receive a message alerting you of a suspicious activity on your account, you can validate and confirm transactions and processes from within the online banking website and the Mobile Banking application. 



Make sure you're using the correct website address – it should always read and should start with a lock icon and https://. Depending on your browser, click on the lock button to verify that the issuer of Byblos Bank website certificate is Globalsign.

Never complete a transaction if you are not entirely sure that you are on the correct website.

Use your computer and smartphone’s built-in internet security systems and if possible, protect yourself with third party security software.

Never ignore automated requests for security updates from your third-party security software providers or the manufacturer of your devices.