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Business Equipment

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Byblos Bank

Business Loans


Business Equipment

Gear up for growth

Get the financing you need to invest in new fixed assets and/or equipment that allow your business to increase production and fulfill its potential

  • Financing

    Up to 80% of equipment cost

  • Repayment Period

    Up to 5 years

  • Direct Bill Facility

    Up to USD 300,000

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Distinctive Features

  • Benefits


  • Direct bill facility between USD 5,000 and USD 300,000
  • Repayment Period

    Repayment Period

  • Repay the loan over a period of up to 5 years (not including grace period)
Existing business (at least 2 years)
You can apply for the loan regardless of your business’ legal status: Individual (not necessarily Trade Registered), Establishment, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or Limited Partnership 
Even if you have no previous banking record, your application will be considered if you can provide reliable proof of income
Fees and Charges
Variable interest rate starting 15.7% for LBP, and starting 12.9% for USD, depending on the presented guarantee(s)
2‰ quarterly commission applicable on highest debit balance
Filing fee varies between USD 75 and USD 150 depending on the facility amount
Required Documents

Personal documents required from the client 

  • Copy of ID or passport, or extract of civil status
  • Proof of residence (copy of title deed, rental contract, mokhtar certificate, electricity bill, phone bill, or water bill)
  • Signed list of properties, plus cop(ies) of title deed(s)
  • Real estate certificate. Only requested on plots subject to collateral (mortgage, negative pledge, or proxy to mortgage) and for loans granted on clean basis for plots covering at least 150% of outstanding loan amount
  • Quittance letter proving settlement of client’s due to municipality


Documents for liberal professions

  • Declaration of income for the past 2 years as per Byblos Bank template
  • Bank statement of accounts for the past 12 months


Documents for guarantors or employees who have a side business

  • A copy of ID, extract of civil status of the guarantor(s)
  • Salary attestation as per Byblos Bank template


Documents for self-employed

  • Documents proving the place of work (lease or investment contract, copy of title deed, etc.).
  • Bank statement of accounts for the past 12 months
  • Financial statements for the past 2 years
  • Copy of company’s Commercial Circular
  • Copy of company’s bylaws
  • Copy of commercial register certificate 
  • Extract of commercial register
  • Copy(ies) of minutes of most recent meeting(s) of General Assembly and Board of Directors (as and when applicable)
  • Investment permit for industrial companies and gas stations (Beirut area only; for other regions, municipality certificate is sufficient)
Conditions and Guarantees

Available in both LBP and USD

Appropriate guarantees are requested once application has been reviewed and may include one or more of the following:

  • First Degree Mortgage
  • Proxy to Mortgage
  • Negative Pledge
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Life Insurance
  • Fire Insurance


The Bank has the right to request additional guarantees in certain cases

Example of Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
APR calculation includes stamp fees, filing fees, mortgage fees, mortgage release fees, and expert fees
Currency: USD
Equipment cost: USD 75,000
Client’s contribution: USD 15,000
Loan amount: USD 60,000
Loan period in years: 5
Grace period in months: 3 (outside the loan period)
Variable interest rate (regressive): 12.9%
Quarterly Commission: 2‰ on the highest debit balance
APR: 16.499%