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Start Saving Account

Your future starts now

The Start Saving Account from Byblos Bank is an easy-to-use tool to start building your savings for whatever you want: a specific project or purchase, a dream vacation, or just a rainy day fund. With a low monthly commitment and exclusive benefits, Start Saving helps you reach your goals – and the sooner you start putting something away, the sooner you can thank yourself!


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Distinctive Features

  • Preferential Interest Rate

    Preferential Interest Rate

  • Start Saving offers a highly competitive annual rate on your money (currently 4%) when you lock it in for a five-year period
  • Quarterly Compounding

    Quarterly Compounding

  • Interest is paid to your account everything three months, significantly increasing the effective interest rate paid on your money and growing your savings faster
  • Low Monthly Commitment

    Low Monthly Commitment

  • Start Saving lets you build your nest-egg with as little as USD 300 a month. Increase your monthly deposit any time, and make supplementary contributions whenever you have extra cash
  • User-Friendly Statements

    User-Friendly Statements

  • Easy-to-understand transaction summaries that outline maturity dates, interest rates applied, and dates on which interest is paid to your account
  • Debit Card

    Debit Card

  • Plus a supplementary card for the person of your choice. Get 24/7 access to Byblos Bank’s network of Smart ATMS so you can check your balance and make additional deposits, day or night
USD Account Withdrawals
Effective 2 June 2021, all USD Account withdrawals amounts at market rate (BDL Circular 151) will be calculated according to the account's total positive balance. 

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