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Land Loan

Grab that perfect property now

You’ve found the ideal spot for your dream home, but you’re not ready to build yet. Now what? With flexible financing and attractive terms, a Land Loan from Byblos Bank provides the resources you need to secure the perfect plot until the time comes to start construction.

  • Financing

    Up to 50%

  • Repayment Period

    5-10 years

  • Added Savings

    Competitive fees

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Distinctive Features

  • Special Benefits

    Special Benefits

  • Financing amount determined on case-by-case basis, with no pre-set ceiling
    Competitive fees 
    Competitive interest rates
You must be a Lebanese citizen (resident or expatriate)
You must be less than 64 years of age at the end of the loan period
You should have at least two years of work experience in the same field
Your net monthly income should be at least USD 2,000 (or equivalent in LBP)
Monthly payment should not exceed one-third of your salary if you’re an employee or one-quarter of your income if you’re self-employed
Required Documents

Personal Documents
1. Copy of Valid Photo ID or Passport
2. Copy of syndicate membership card (if any)


Employment Documents (For Employees)
1. Paystub or other proof of salary issued within past 30 days 
2. Statement of account for the past 12 months showing salary domiciliation or copies of last 12 salary slips in case salary is not domiciled


For Self Employed
1. Declaration of income for the past 2 years as per Byblos Bank specimen (*)
2. Declaration of income taxes for the past 2 years
3. Statement of income for the past 12 months (**)
4. Financial statements of the company for the past 2 years (*)
5. Copy of company’s circular, copy of commercial registration certificate, and copy of company’s bylaws (if any)
6. Extract of commercial register
7. Documents proving place of work (copy of leasing or investment contract, etc.)


Property Documents
1. Copy of seller’s ID
2. Copy of sale contract or sale agreement with down-payment receipt(s)
3. Copy of the title deed of the plot to be purchased with the loan
4. Zoning and planning certificate (if notes exist on the real estate certificate) 
5. Copy of real estate certificate

(*) Can be completed with the assistance of the Bank 
(**) Can be replaced by own agendas, vouchers, contracts, or daily sales proving income (for individual establishments, small traders, or liberal professions)


Submit all original documents with application
Byblos Bank reserves the right to request additional documents if need be, and to accept or reject any application

Conditions and Guarantees

Available only in USD
Life insurance contracted through ADIR, a member of the Byblos Bank Group, paid over the loan period
First degree mortgage on the property


The Bank has the right to request additional guarantees in certain cases

Example of Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
APR calculation includes life insurance fees, stamp fees, filing fees, expert fees, and mortgage fees 
Currency: USD
Loan amount: USD 100,000
Loan period in years: 10
Variable interest rate based on cost of funds +7% (regressive): 11.91%
APR: 15.294%

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