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Byblos Bank



Visa Web

The safest way to shop online

The Visa Web Debit Card from Byblos Bank is designed to only be used online. Shop without geographical barriers while knowing you are protected against fraud. This card is tied to a secure dedicated account you can easily refill at no extra charge, keeping you in full control.


    Upon application at branch

  • Monthly Spending Limit

    USD 25 per month

  • Easy to Refill

    Cash deposit via ATM or transfer at the branch 

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+961 1 20 50 50

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Give Us Your Feedback



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Special Benefits

  • Extra Security

    Extra Security

  • Maximum security since funds are deducted directly from a dedicated current account, with a USD 250 weekly limit
  • Easy to Refill

    Easy to Refill

  • Recharge your card by transferring money via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, or by depositing cash at our Smart ATMs
  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

  • Enter your name, card number and the three-digit CVC number on the back of your card. Fill in the Cardholder’s address as “Byblos Bank”, the name of your branch, and “Beirut, Lebanon”
  • No Commissions

    No Commissions

  • No commissions for depositing/replenishing money or for online transactions
  • Free Mobile Banking

    Free Mobile Banking

    Check your account balance, transfer funds, or pay your bills – anytime, anywhere.
    Click here to download Byblos Bank’s Mobile Banking App 

  • Free SMS Notifications

    Free SMS Notifications

    Receive an SMS notification whenever your card is used
  • Choice of Currencies

    Choice of Currencies

    Freedom to select the basic currency of your card based on the account it’s tied to (LBP or USD), being understood that the basic currency for any transaction on your card outside Lebanon will be USD.
You must be at least 18 years old
You should have any type of current account at Byblos Bank
Fees, Charges and Limits
No fees or charges applied at Byblos Bank ATMs
Annual fee USD 12
Required Documents
Copy of Valid ID or Passport