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Online Banking-Overview

How do I enrol in Byblos Bank’s Internet Banking?

It is easy to benefit from the convenience of Byblos Bank’s Internet Banking (IB). All you need to do is visit your branch and sign the Internet Banking Services document, Terms and Conditions and the Application Form.

Once these documents are filled and signed, you will automatically be granted access to your requested services and you will be assigned a user ID number and a password that will allow you to start using Byblos Bank Internet Banking. For your own security you will be asked to change this password at the first login.

When and where can I access the Internet Banking?

IB is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can access IB from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access.

What are the minimum requirements needed for my computer?

You can use Byblos Bank’s IB on any computer as long as you are running Internet Explorer 6.0 and above and are using a browser that supports 128 bit encryption.

Byblos Bank’s IB can also be accessible through mobile phones and Macs (using compatible Opera browsers).

How frequently is my bank account information updated?

Your account balances and transactions are real time based. They are immediately updated after the transaction is performed.

How much does Internet Banking cost?

Byblos Bank is currently offering you the IB service for free. You will be notified if this changes in the future.

Please note that the transfer charges for internet banking are the same as the ones you are charged when you are transacting over the counter.

What are the services offered through IB?

With IB, you can quickly and easily:
  • Check your different accounts balances.
  • Check your interest conditions.
  • View the different statements according to your own specifications, either the date or the amount range or both.
  • Monitor your paid checks sent to clearing inside or outside Lebanon.
  • Perform transfers of funds between your own current accounts or to other Byblos Bank Customers and/or doing FX transactions.
  • View features of all products and services.
  • View the Standing Order details on your accounts.
  • View information on cards limits, purchases and withdrawals.
  • View your retail loans history and outstanding balances.
  • Inquire on your Bancassurance policies.
  • Perform service requests such as requesting a checkbook, reporting a passbook loss, requesting a statement of account, requesting a card termination/re issuance or reporting a problem.
  • Get notifications and reminders about your accounts, your loans, your cards and your Bancassurance products.

Can I have the same password for Internet Banking and Phone Banking?

Yes, you can select the same password for IB and Phone Banking. For your first access to IB, you will get a randomly picked password and then you can easily change it to whatever you like at your first login (including the same password as your Phone Banking).

Will the bank send me e-mails requesting my personal data?

No, the bank will not send you e-mails requesting personal data for confidentiality and security reasons. You will never be asked to reply to such an e-mail.

Online Banking-Working with accounts

Which of my accounts can be accessed through IB?

All your active accounts can be seen online. However, you are free to select certain accounts from the list of accounts that you wish to display and keep the others inaccessible through IB. You simply have to mention this in your IB application form filled at your local branch.

For your convenience, we have grouped your accounts by group of products:
  • Your Sight Accounts Group that includes current accounts overdraft/advances, checking accounts, Easysave accounts, Dynamic accounts and Third party invoicing accounts.
  • Your Term Deposits Accounts Group that contains time saving accounts and term contracts.
  • Your Cash Margin Group that contains your cash margin account opened against any facility.
  • Your Loans Group where you can check all your retail loans accounts (personal / car / housing loan).
  • Your Debit Cards Group where you can check your Visa Debit cards information and transactions, view the balances of their attached accounts, as well as accumulated loyalty points.
  • Your Credit Cards Group where you can check all your charge and revolving cards history with their remaining limits and accumulated loyalty points

What kind of details can I see on my accounts?

In addition to your online accounts balances, you will be able to get information regarding the interest rates, the capitalization dates, the Standing Orders linked to your accounts and the settlement details for your Term Deposit Accounts.

Can I generate my statement of account on my screen? Will I be charged for that service?

You may generate, free of charge, your statement of account by selecting one or 2 of the options below:
  • Select a period of time (from/to date)
  • Select a range of amount (from/to)
You may also decide to download to excel, save or print that statement of account.

Are my accounts balances updated online?

Yes, IB will provide you with an online real time update of your balances and positions.

What kind of information can I see on my checks?

You may view all your paid checks along with clearance checks inside or outside Lebanon for a period defaulted to 3 months back. You may search for a specific check by either inputting the check number or the check amount. You may also order a checkbook.

Online Banking-Working with Funds Transfers

What are the key things I need to know about the transfers made through IB?

Through IB, you can transfer funds from one of your accounts to another.

These transfers are received on the spot and the accounts balances are updated automatically.

Any amount could be transferred as long as it does not exceed the Bank's predefined transaction limit and your predefined transaction and daily limits.

Once you confirm the transfer, a fund transfer receipt, showing all transfer details, is displayed on your screen. You may choose to print this receipt or save it on your desktop.

In addition to that, official advice is automatically emailed to you.

What sort of transfers can I make through IB?

You can transfer funds between your own accounts and/or any other Byblos Bank account.

How soon will my balances be updated?

Your accounts' balances will be updated on the spot.

Can I transfer any amount using IB?

Yes, provided it does not exceed the Bank’s predefined limit of daily transfers, and your pre-defined transaction and daily limits.

Please note that any Foreign Exchange (FX) transaction will be checked against a daily limit per customer and a daily limit per currency which are both set by the Bank.

Can I print a Fund Transfer receipt?

Once you confirm the transfer, a fund transfer receipt showing all transfer details is displayed on your screen. You may print the receipt or save it on your desktop.

In addition to that, an official advice is emailed to you.

What are the key things I need to know about an FX transaction?

You can transfer funds from and to any of your selected current accounts. You are always presented with a displayed exchange rate that needs your confirmation and approval before the completion of the transfer.

You can perform an FX transaction at any time as long as it does not exceed the defined daily limits per customer and per currency which are both set by the Bank.

Can I transfer funds to or from my foreign currency accounts?

Yes, you can transfer funds from and to any of your selected current accounts for transfers.

An exchange rate is always displayed for confirmation before you approve and complete the transfer.

Can I perform FX transactions at any time?

Yes, you can perform an FX transaction at any time, provided the amount does not exceed the defined limits explained before.

What are my transfer limits?

When you are filling in your application form at the branch, your transfer limits are defined by both the Bank and yourself.

As a Byblos Bank customer and user of IB, you can choose to control:
  • Your Daily Limit: you define the maximum amount of transactions you wish to perform during a day.
  • Your Transaction Limit: you define the maximum amount of money you wish to perform per transaction.
Please take note that for your own security and for the Bank's safety, we at Byblos Bank have in our turn defined some general transaction limits including those involving foreign exchange operations.

Therefore, any violation of the limits will automatically imply a rejection of the fund transfer. Also, the transfer will not take place is there’s a lack of funds or if there’s a specific restriction on your account.

Can I cancel or modify a fund transfer?

You may cancel a fund transfer before confirming the transaction. Just click on "Cancel" next to the transfer you want to cancel. The system prompts you to confirm that you want to cancel this transfer. Click ok in the confirmation link.

Should you need to modify a fund transfer, you are free to do so before confirming the transaction.

Online Banking-Checking your cards

What does my card position show?

Your card position shows:
  • Your Charge and Credit Cards with the total remaining limits converted to LBP.
  • Your Visa Debit Cards with the total remaining limits and balances of the current accounts linked to the cards and converted to LBP.
  • Your accumulated loyalty points on each card.

You will also be able to see the details of all transactions on any of your cards.

Will I be notified of my Cards renewal?

You will be notified one month before your automatic card renewal through IB.

Can I terminate and/or a re-issue my cards?

If your card has been lost or stolen, you can terminate or reissue it through IB. Your request will not be executed on the spot. Instead, it will automatically be routed to Customer Service (Telephone #: +961 1 205020) and a representative there will do it.

Online Banking-Checking your Bancassurance

Can I see all my Bancassurance policies?

Yes, you can view your different Bancassurance policies:
  • Retirement Plan
  • Car Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Insurance

Am I notified if I forget to settle my Bancassurance fees on time or when I have to renew my Bancassurance policies?

Yes, you are notified in both cases.

When it comes to settlement of fees, you will get a reminder if you fail to remember to pay. As for the renewal of those policies, you will receive a message confirming the renewal so you can collect the new policies from your branch.

Online Banking-Checking your loans

Can I see all my loan accounts?

Your Global position shows the total amount (converted to LBP) of all your loan accounts’ balances.

Within the loan menu, you can see all your loan accounts (detailed by the type of loan) and the remaining loan amount to be paid in the loan currency.

Please note that you will be notified of all your payments due with a maximum of one week delay.

Can I apply for a loan online?

You can choose the most convenient loan for you by checking the simulation program available on IB.

If you decide to apply for a specific loan, you can by clicking on "Apply" and selecting your favorite branch. This branch will contact you as soon as possible so you can complete your application.

Online Banking-Working with our support center (customer service)

What requests can I make using Byblos Bank’s IB?

With Byblos Bank’s IB, you can perform many requests. These requests will not be executed on the spot but will be automatically routed to your local branch for execution. You can check on the status of your request execution (i.e. still open or executed) at any time from the "My Requests Status" screen.

Below is the list of requests that can perform using IB:
  • Order a checkbook and select your favorite branch for its delivery.
  • Report the loss of your saving book. You will have to visit your branch to sign a confirmation letter.
  • Request a card replacement and/or termination.
  • Report any problem by contacting our Customer Service.

Online Banking-Security issues

How secure is Byblos Bank’s IB?

Byblos Bank has secured its Internet Banking services according to International Security Standards. This includes a very high level of encryption (128 bits). However, you should take safety measures on your end too. Here are some useful recommendations:
  • Choose a password that is hard to guess:
    • Minimum eight characters
    • Mix numeric and alphabetical and special characters (ex: Aqwer!bn)
    • Avoid using dictionary words or known facts such as your birth date, first name, spouse name, favorite sports team, etc.
  • Do not choose the same login name and password.
  • Never reveal your password.
  • If you are connecting from a public place, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder or peeping at your screen.
  • If you need to leave your workstation for a short period of time, log out from the Internet Banking application and use a password protected screen saver.
  • If you are sharing your computer with others, always log on to Windows or Macintosh under your personal account and log out before leaving.

How can I make sure I am connected to Byblos Bank’s official site and not to other parties?

When users connect to Byblos Bank’s Internet Banking, a small yellow lock appears on the right corner. At the bottom of the screen, double click on the lock, a window entitled "Certificate" will pop up.

Make sure it is issued to "" and that it is not expired.

Can more than one user of Byblos Bank IB use the same computer?

Yes, several users can use the same computer for Internet Banking.

However, it is highly recommended that each user signs into Windows/Mac under his/her own username and password.

When and where can I access IB?

IB is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can access IB from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access, Internet Explorer 6.0 and above and are using a browser that supports 128 bit encryption.

Byblos Bank’s IB can also be accessible through mobile phones and Macs (using compatible Opera browsers).

Online Banking-Troubleshooting

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you are accessing Byblos Bank Internet Banking (IB) for the first time, we recommend you change your password for security reasons. If you lose or forget your password, please report it to Byblos Bank Customer Service on +961.1.205050, or to so we can provide you with a new one.

Please note that 3 wrong consecutive login attempts will block your account until you contact your branch and request a reactivation.

Why was my transfer rejected?

Your fund transfer may be rejected for several reasons:
  • Not enough funds available.
  • Bank limit is exceeded.
  • Your defined limits are exceeded.
  • You are not allowed to perform a debit transaction or a credit transaction on the account (i.e. you have a specific restriction on the account).