Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy

Empowering people with life-enhancing monetary knowledge is so important to Byblos Bank that we established a Financial Literacy Program so they can take charge of their financial futures. The initiative is designed to familiarize members of the public with basic economic and financial terms and concepts which are central to their daily lives. We do this to help individuals, but also because we know that the healthiest economies are inclusive ones: greater financial awareness leads to more significant participation by a broader cross-section of society, and therefore to heightened potential for growth and development.

The informative animations titled “Fakker Maliyan” demystify basic topics and concepts, from how banking and other financial products work to what you need to know to get the most out of a bank. This daily two-minute program on LBCI, one of Lebanon’s leading television stations, is featured on all Bank’s digital platforms to give you vital knowledge so you can manage your finances in a way that serves your best interests and the common good.